About Us

Beloit Plastics, LLC is a family owned company in Beloit, WI. We occupy a building on Inman Pkwy, in which we have a production floor and a showroom. Our showroom doubles as a store, for those of you who may want to stop by to check out our products in person. As our name suggests, our company focuses on manufacturing plastic products, as well as some rubber materials. We specialize in injection molding, mold and die design, parts assembly, and retail packaging. Our products can fill a vast range of needs, offering lawn decorations, shelving, tables, storage options, and SnapNStrut pipe and conduit hangers.

We have three new JSW all electric injection molding machines, 85,180 and 350 ton, plus two 85 ton, a 265 and 440 ton machines. We use several Procunier machines to drill and tap parts at high rates.

Robot Building Spinning Daisies

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