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Welcome to Beloit Plastics LLC,

Beloit Plastics, LLC is a family owned company in Beloit, WI. We occupy a 56,000 square foot building on Prairie Avenue, in which we have a production floor and a showroom. Our showroom doubles as a store, for those of you who may want to stop by to check out our products in person.  As our name suggests, our company focuses on manufacturing plastic products, as well as some rubber materials. We specialize in injection molding, mold and die design, parts assembly, and retail packaging. Our products can fill a vast range of needs, offering lawn decorations, shelving, tables, storage options, and SnapNStrut pipe and conduit hangers.

SnapNStrut Pipe Hangers

 SnapNStrut is a line of molded nylon pipe and conduit hangers that come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to fit your every need.

Spinning Daisies

Looking to add a splash of color to your lawn? Look no further! Our Spinning Daisies plant straight into the ground and use wind power to create a brilliant display of color and motion. The colors are vibrant (and random/imitate that of a sunflower). Our aesthetically pleasing plastic wind spinner can also improve on the life of your garden or lawn. According to folklore the spinning motion of the petals sends vibrations into the ground through the metal stem, effective in keeping ground critters away from the area. They have even proven effective in keeping birds from picking fruit from gardens!  Our daisies can come in a variety of color sets to go with holidays, sports teams, or causes. Custom colors and varieties may be available upon request, making them a great item to sell for fundraisers or to promote events, schools, and businesses!  Now available in three sizes.


You can bring convenience where ever you go with a TailGate-Mate Party Table! The TailGate-Mate is your personal, portable, recreation table--perfect for camping, tailgating, or sitting around a fire. Your refreshments, keys, cell phone and other personal belongings now have a safe location up off the ground. Take it along with your favorite chair. The plastic, one-piece molded top can hold four cans or cups of various sizes, with notches for mugs with handles. This resin table is designed to easily break down into a table top and stand which then stores in the black, nylon storage bag with shoulder strap that is included. The base is a sturdy black tripod that can be effortlessly inserted or removed from the table top. This table is manufactured from our exclusive polymer which is designed to withstand the outdoor elements, be it summer, fall, winter, or spring! 

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